Stewarts 4 Less Asphalt Sealcoat CleaningProper Preparation is Essential

Preparation is the most important procedure in sealcoat and striping. We use the very best cleaning machines on your project to ensure your project is done with the highest quality, using hydraulic steel power brooms, high powered push blowers, and a high pressure wash if needed. This is essential for removing moss, pollen, and dust trapped in asphalt pores. Without proper preparation the sealcoat will not adhere to the surface properly.


Stewarts 4 Less Asphalt Crack FillingCrack Filling

It is important to fill all cracks with hot rubberized crack filler prior to sealcoating. This will keep cracks sealed for many years to prevent further deterioration from water and chemicals, and provides a bonding surface for sealcoating.


Stewarts 4 Less Asphalt Pothole RepairPotholes

Potholes, depressions and cracked areas indicate that the asphalt base is not in good condition. All damaged material and debris must be removed, the sub-surface repaired, and a patch applied that will support the sealcoating.

Stewarts 4 Less Asphalt SealcoatingSealcoating

We specialize in protecting the life of asphalt by sealcoating using a variety of products depending on surface condition, type of asphalt and traffic load. Driveways, parking lots or roads, residential or commercial, we are fully equipped to take on any size job.

Stewarts 4 Less Parking Lot StripingStriping

A freshly striped asphalt parking lot gives your guests a positive impression of your property, and makes it safer. From a re-stripe to new layouts, Stewarts 4 Less is capable of handling any striping project.